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Mar 30, 2013 | posted in Uncategorized by seedlingprojects

Life in 2023: Seedling Projects Director Offers her Insight to SFMag

The coming April edition of San Francisco Magazine has features on wooden skyscrapers, breakthroughs in genomics, and a new SF trade school for computer programming. Amidst the various current goings-on in the city, however, will also be a peek into the future. The magazine has assembled the far-reaching insight of some of the city’s most innovative oracles. Included among these pioneers was our very own Sarah Weiner, Seedling Projects Director, to offer her view on how our food systems will be changing over the coming decade. In sum:

“As we deplete our natural resources, oil prices will go up and food will cost more to ship…”

Read the rest of Sarah’s gaze into the crystal ball (as well as those of her colleagues) in the upcoming April print edition of San Francisco Magazine or in their digital edition.