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Mar 02, 2012 | posted in Press by seedlingprojects

Gimme Coffee Wins Award

ITHACA — Gimme Coffee, Ithaca’s own locally grown coffee company, now with four locations in Tompkins County and another three in New York City, has won a 2012 Good Food Award for the second year in a row for a batch of Colombian coffee it roasted called Finca San Luis.

According to the company, this makes it one of the top ten coffees in the country, as measured against more than 100 other coffee roaster’s entries in the second annual ceremony that recognizes exceptional artisanal foods.

Read full article by Aaron Munzer of the Ithaca Journal

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Good Food Awards 2012 Winners Announced

On Friday night, the winners of the second annual Good Food Awards were announced. The awards highlight artisan producers from across the country. The ceremony, hosted at San Francisco’s Ferry Building, which itself boasts many storefronts selling artisan food products, featured speeches from food world luminaries Alice Waters and Ruth Reichl (read her whole speech here). Naturally, there was good food present.

Check out the winners in each category below, and to sample some of the food, head over to Gilt Taste, which is selling products from some of the winners. Congratulations to all!

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And the winners of the Good Food Awards are…

Winners of the second annual Good Food Awards, which recognize artisan producers in eight categories and five geographical regions, were announced Friday at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

More than 1,000 products were entered, and were evaluated by culinary professionals.

California winners in the various categories include:

Beer: Lagunitas Brewing Co. for A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, and Drake’s Brewing Co. for Drakonic Imperial Stout.

Charcuterie: Adesso for speck, and Fatted Calf for pork, rabbit and duck terrine.

Cheese: Bellwether Farms for its Carmody and whole-milk ricotta, Garden Variety Cheese for Black Eyed Susan and Hollyhock, and Saint Benoit Yogurt for organic yogurt cheese.

Chocolate: Dandelion Chocolate for its 75 percent Costa Rica.

Coffee: Equator Coffees & Teas for Ethiopia Watadera fair-trade organic, and Klatch Coffee Inc. for Ethiopian Worka.

Pickles: Farmhouse Culture for smoked jalapeno sauerkraut, Let’s Be Frank for Devil Sauce, and Emmy’s Pickles and Jams for turmeric cauliflower.

Preserves: Wine Forest Wild Foods for wild elderberry syrup, Artisan Preserves for orange honey marmalade, and Chez Pim for blueberry and golden raspberry jam.

Spirits: Marian Farms Ltd. for California Pisco, Square One Organic Spirits for Square One Organic Vodka, Wylie Howell Spirits for Wylie Howell Spirits Whiskey, and Ballast Point Brewing Co. for Ballast Point Aged Three Sheets Rum.

For more information, go to

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Good Food Award Finalist Sour Puss Makes One Mean Pickle

The Good Food Awards are back — after an inaugural year that brought Alice Waters to the podium, Andrew Barnett to the judging panel, and arame and ginger sauerkraut salad to the table. The not-for-profit organization led by Sarah Weiner and Dominic Phillips has just announced the finalists for a 2012 contest that has set out, in the long-term, “to change the way America feeds itself.” Selected out of 926 contestants, the 144 finalists range from an eight-person goat cheese dairy in Harrisburg, Missouri, to a 400-person brewery in Colorado. United by a taste for such delectables as Abominable Winter Ale, Duck Liver and Apple Mousse, and “Devil Sauce,” the contestants also share a desire to cultivate and produce with sustainable practices.

Sour Puss Pickles, a two-time finalist and one-time winner, is a company with what is beginning to sound like a familiar story. Born out of a tenacious Brooklynite’s stint with unemployment, Sour Puss went from a home operation of Christmas gifts for Chris Forbes’ buddies to a company that puts out a mean pickle — cucumber, ghost pepper, or Thai chile in brine, with classic, spicy, and kirby spears; roasted beets; wax beans; plus relish and chutney. And to the small operation, business means face time with farmers, friends in Brooklyn, and a secret recipe of ramps available in nine-ounce, shelf-stabilized jars.

Read The Atlantic’s full Sour Puss Pickles interview by Daisy Atterbury here

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Good Food Awards 2012 Finalists Announced

The second annual Good Food Awards, a showcase for exceptional artisanal food products, has announced the 2012 finalists for all categories: Beer, Charcuterie, Cheese, Chocolate, Coffee, Pickles, Preservers and Spirits.

“The companies behind this year’s 144 Good Food Awards finalists are incredibly diverse, from an 8 person goat cheese dairy in Harrisburg, Missouri to a 400 person brewery in Colorado,” said Sarah Weiner, Director of the Good Food Awards. “It is fascinating to see such different companies united in the values of sustainability and social responsibility, and producing incredibly delicious food.

For the full list check out the Good Food Awards website. Below, we’ve highlighted a few producers.

Beer: Goose Island’s Pepe Nero was nominated, a “mysteriously dark” beer that is brewed with black peppercorns.
CharcuterieLa Quercia is an Iowa-based company that puts Italian cured meat masters to shame. The country cured bacon is nominated.
Cheese: There are a lot of heavy hitters in the cheese category but we have yet to have a cheese that isn’t absolutely delicious from the Cellars at Jasper Hill.
Chocolate: Another group of all-stars. Lillie Belle Farm has many interesting and tasty creations.
Coffee: It’s nice to see several midwest companies on the list: Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co.,Kickapoo Coffee and Broadway Cafe and Roasting Company.
PicklesSour Puss Pickles are nominated for its pickled ramps. That’s like combining two delicious things in one!
Preserves: Bourbon Brown Sugar Peach Preserves from Confituras? Yes, please!
Spirits: Pisco is made stateside too, thanks to Marian Farms.

Winners will be announced January 13, 2012 at San Francisco’s Ferry Building. Check out all the finalists here.

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10 Truly Artisanal Foods to Try Now

A word to the wise: If something is labeled “artisanal” these days, it probably isn’t. Take, for example, Dominos Artisan pizzas, Starbucks Artisan Breakfast Sandwiches, and Tostito Artisan tortilla chips among dozens of other mass-produced products.

What you won’t find labeled artisan, most likely, are the foods that have really earned the title: small-batch products, like cheeses, beers, chocolates, breads, cured meats, pickles, and jams, that are created by a craftsman.

Read more of Forbes Article featuring Seedling Projects Founder Sarah Weiner here