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Jan 13, 2011 | posted in Blog by seedlingprojects

Get Excited About Local Pork!

Seedling Projects recently started a new outreach campaign for the film, Pig Business, an investigative documentary that reveals the true price consumers pay for cheap pork. Produced and directed by a British mother of three and marchioness, Tracy Worcester, Pig Business can at times be hard to watch, as you see the harsh realities of CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation), but the film also peels back the layers of the industrial food system, showing consumers how small and medium-scale pig farmers’ livelihoods are put in jeopardy, while taking a close look at the environmental and health impact these giant producers have without proper regulation or consequence to their actions.

What I really love is that this film doesn’t stop there, it asks that you to support local farmers and pork produced without harmful hormones and antibiotics — basically pork that is good for you, the economy, and the environment. There’s nothing more easy than buying local pork and then tasting the difference for yourself.

This coming March the film is going to screened in Washington DC for farmers, and NGOs, with special host Robert Kennedy, Jr., head of the Waterkeepers Alliance and huge supporter of the film and legislation against large pork producers world-wide (he is in the movie!).

Want to see the film? Watch it streaming online here for FREE  or contact us at Seedling Projects for ways to share the film and get involved.

Also, a great book to check out is CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories, Edited by Daniel Imhoff, featuring essays by Wendell Berry, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Michael Pollan, and many more…

- Shane

“Eating is an agricultural act.”
— Wendell Berry