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Jan 19, 2011 | posted in Blog by seedlingprojects

Farm to Desk DC: Off to a Good Start!

Seedling Projects’ East Coast venture, Farm to Desk D.C., is off and growing!  Even with the garden ground still frozen (and dusted with snow), third-graders are experiencing food and ecology topics daily.  For a math lesson about writing digits up to 10,000, classes talked about rice in different cultures and wrote the number of grains found in a cup, half-cup, quarter-cup, and smaller.  In English Language Arts, they inferred character traits by reading a story about cooking chicken soup for a sick friend.

At the same time, students have started a twice-weekly elective that will eventually move outside and into the kitchen.  The first several classes tackled the question of what is food, and what is ecology?  Students brainstormed their families’ food traditions, and took a survey that measured their preferences.  In one class, students sampled Kartoffelpuffer, a traditional German pancake.  They liked the taste, but especially had fun practicing the German word!

-Peter Nalli, Food and Farm Curriculum Director