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Apr 04, 2011 | posted in Blog by seedlingprojects

Farm to Desk: volunteers move soil, plant new salad garden

With a lot of linseed oil, a little lifting, and a great team of almost 30 volunteers, the new salad garden next to the kitchen at E.W. Stokes took shape on Sunday!

After several days of chilly rain, Sunday was a sunny day perfect for community gardening. Four of the raised beds from the old, bulldozed garden were relocated, renovated, and painted to extend their life for a few more delicious growing seasons. Volunteers also moved countless wheelbarrows of soil and compost as they amended the soil and changed the configuration of the remodeled garden. To refuel: homemade oatmeal raisin cookies and dried fruit and seed trail mix, with some cool, cucumber-infused water to wash it down. A special thanks to Amy Bartscherer, our fabulous coordinator, the JCC’s Behrend Builders, and the parent and student volunteers from Sidwell Friends School.